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I’m already a huge fan of the Worldpackers platform and I’ve been only using it since 2015. I have had experiences in Brazil and also abroad.
In this article I will explain a little how the platform works, because I have received a lot of questions about it lately. But I will be mainly talking about my experience! You will notice even greater love in my words when I tell you about my first volunteer experience through the website.

Meet Worldpackers, a platform designed to find hosting options in exchange for work while traveling.

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What is Worldpackers?

It is a platform that involves much more than work in exchange for hosting. It involves meeting new people, discovering new cultures, developing personal skills, and saving money! 😉
There are 3 different options for volunteer experiences you can find on the platform.

Work exchange

Worldpackers Brasil
Ambiente de um Hostel
Here you will exchange lodging and some other benefits depending on the opportunity for daily working hours.
You will work in daily activities of a Hostel, depending on the vacancy you applied and your skills.
This is the perfect option for those who want to save money during their travels, live a cultural immersion and enjoy free time to explore the beauty of the place.
In addition, you will meet people from all over the world, develop new skills and grow a lot as a person.

Social Impact

Worldpacker o que é?
Trabalho voluntário
In this type of volunteering you will work in organizations that help people and local communities in general.
You can choose from: NGOs, schools or groups created by the communities themselves.
Offer your skills to take care of young children, teaching the elderly and many other activities.
In addition to helping, you will have the opportunity to know other life realities, thus developing yourself.
You will live a transformative immersion and you will see that when we help, and teach, we are the ones who learn.

Ecological Projects

Worldpackers Como Funciona?
Trabalhando em fazendas
This kind of volunteering is for you who feel a very strong call to stay connected with nature and with alternative ways of living.
You’ll find options for working in ecovillages, organic farms and permaculture projects.
You will develop skills related to planting and growing food, learn more about bioconstruction, take care of animals and live the routine of those who depend on the land to survive.
The idea here is to really get your hands on the earth!

How does Worldpackers work?

In this article I share with you how the Worldpackers experience helped me change my life!

Is hosting free anyway?

Worldpackers é Confiável
Vida de Hostel
With regards to hosting you don’t have to pay anything at all! But be aware of the observations from each of the hostels, as each has its own policy.
Some include more than one meal, while others just breakfast. Working hours also vary greatly from one hostel to another.
Confirming your trip will incur a service charge from the Worldpackers website itself. In my opinion a very fair rate for everything the tool offers!
You would never have access to all of these opportunities if it wasn’t for the tool, plus they offer a kind of support ready to help you with your questions and issues that may arise while traveling.
The platform also offers a bunch of articles with all the travel tips you can imagine!
And they are starting to offer online courses to help travelers become professional and live like digital nomads.

Is Worldpackers reliable?

Truste me on this one, it is! The Worldpackers movement is made up of good people who want to change the world.

“Hmmm not sure yet, where can I find more information?”

Worldpacker Vagas
You can go to Worldpackers and chat with travelers who have had experiences using the platform.
Moreover they have a team of Experts who are always ready to help you and answer all your questions!

I’ll share my experience below!

I’m an expert on the tool too and I can help with more information. Check out my articles published there and send me your personal doubts here.
The text below is what I wrote the day I came back to my reality after living 15 days of nature immersion in Alto Paraíso de Goiás at Hostel Catavento. My first experience using Worldpackers.
”And today was farewell’s day! I’m on my to São Paulo and I couldn’t even wait to get home to write something.
How to define this experience? I’ll try…
I had known the Worldpackers for a while, but I needed to plan a couple things so I could live this volunteering experience at a Hostel during my vacation! I started researching the options. I contacted one of the Worldpackers’s founder and asked him which place he could suggest here in Brazil. And this is the beginning of my story..
Well, he suggested me to Alto Paraíso! Huh? Alto Paraíso? Where is it? I ran to the Worldpackers website and the only hostel registered was Hostel Catavento. Ivan’s figure on the Worldpackers profile has already won me over! A PERSON THAT TRANSMITS PEACE AND HAS DREAD LOCKS. That’s it! I want to go there! I will ask them about the availability they would have in receiving me within my vacation. And the answer was: “We have no availability for this period!”.
I thought: Damn!

A new opportunity only on my next vacation.

But stubborn as I am, every time I saw something on the Hostel’s Facebook page, I got even more in love with that place and was sure I WANTED to go.
Well, I had faith that someone would give up (in my mind I knew it would work), it was only a matter of time before things settled. Messages and more messages were sent by me, they were taking a long time to answer me. Time is ticking and it’s not working.
Summing up the soap opera: Ivan checked the availability and according to himself he said to me: “This girl really wants to come here, she doesn’t stop texting. Let’s give her a chance! ”? So… it worked! All set: 15 days as a volunteer at Hostel Catavento in Alto Paraíso de Goiás!
“Now that everything is set, let me do a little research on the city”… Result: I fell in love for the second time and came to the conclusion that I was going to the right place and would identify with everything that was there!
I definitely could stay there much longer!
To try to summarize: It was 15 days of a lot of personal learning, observation, new landscapes, enchantment, emotions, energizing baths in the beautiful waterfalls, memories that I will take forever with me, friendships, laughter, and unique stories and experiences!
Oh, I was talking about the farewell, right? As Ju concluded… “Life is made of arrivals and farewells” I’m not a fan of farewells, but who is?!
It is best to know that if the farewell hurts, it means that the time you were with those people actually HAPPENED!
Ok, enough of me! Now I want to see how you will manage to enjoy this amazing experience as I greatly did.
Share your stories below in the comments!


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